TERRÉSA is the leading law firm specialising in tax and legal advice for the agricultural sector. Our partners are continuing the tradition of excellence embodied for over 40 years by the LYON JURISTE legal practice. In this fast-moving, constantly-evolving sector, TERRÉSA can provide expert advice specifically tailored to your needs.
The partners and lawyers at TERRÉSA combine experience in all areas of agriculture, especially wine-growing, arable, livestock, equine activities, horticulture… They are very much involved in the major agricultural organisations and with professional training, and provide advice that responds precisely to farmers' structural, economic, legal and tax needs. Our multi-disciplinary approach at TERRÉSA (company law, tax law, social legislation, etc.) means that we can open up potential areas of interest for agri-entrepreneurs. The advice and support we provide are optimised through our regular exchanges with our natural collaborators, accountants and notaries

The partners at TERRÉSA are also founder members of the AGIRAGRI network, which will consolidate the firm's current influence nationwide.

The law firms TERRÉSA and LAWRÉA have combined to form a civil professional consortium (société civile de moyens) known as ELOÏSE. By cooperating in this way, we at TERRÉSA are able to expand our field of expertise and provide legal and tax advice on a very broad range of business matters.